Why I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription
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Why I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription

We all know the Amazon marketplace and its features. It’s a fantastic machine for selling products online, probably the best in the world.

One-click shopping, wish lists, save for later, the infinite selection of products and vendors, the lowest prices for most products, etc. With Prime you get all of this, plus free shipping on almost every item.

This is partially the reason why I cancelled my Prime subscription and why I’m not buying anymore from Amazon and moving my stuff off of AWS.

selfish reason: less shit you don’t need

By not buying anymore from them, I buy a lot less stuff that I don’t really need. This is better for my budget…

a sea of small packages delivered by an uber-ized workforce

Then, I’m trying to buy less from online sources. Buying online is great and convenient, but it’s not really good for the planet to have all these small packets shipped in all directions. It’s also not good for the local shops. What’s also infuriating is how their delivery process has been partially shifted to uber-ized people, using their personal car, carelessly dropping packets in front of the doors and paid for each item delivered. This form of employment is basically a return to 19th century practices, with the aid of 21st century technology. A shame.

monopolies are bad

Another reason is the dominant position of Amazon over online shopping. Having such a big player killing all the competition is never good in the long run for consumers. There are already a lot of products that are difficult to find outside of Amazon.

no social responsibility

Finally there’s the appalling lack of social responsibility of the company. From under-paying their employees, treating them like shit in fulfillment centers or even organizing this ridiculous global auction for HQ2. Why would you want to participate to this? If you want to know what social responsibility is, just look at what Patagonia does.


Jeff Bezos got $24 billion richer during the pandemic. Any sense in being that rich, especially if you have no ideas about what to do with the money?

“The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel. That is basically it.”

How could you be so blind to not see the million ways these resources could be used in a better way than burning rocket fuel?

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